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The GFP Experience

GoodFoodPeople aims to make plant-based food options convenient and affordable. We want to empower you with food and recipes that are better for you and better for the environment.


We offer a range of healthy plant-based foods for everyone. Whether you are a Vegan, Meagan / flexitarian or a carnivore, all are welcome.


Our products are clean, fresh and we only source from ethical producers. Our products are free from preservatives, hormones and antibiotics.


We offer island-wide and same-day delivery.

Nut-Free Soy-Free Vegan


Tindle Chicken Katsu
$15.00 per 6 pcs
Gluten-Free Soy-Free Vegan


Rendang Fable Meaty Mushrooms
$11.50 per 400 gm


Karana Pork Masak Merah
$12.50 per 250 gm
Nut-Free Vegan


Impossible Beef Shepherd’s Pie
$16.80 per 500 gm

JUST Egg on Good Food People!

Made from a protein-rich legume called the mung bean, JUST Egg has zero cholesterol and less saturated fat than conventional eggs. It tastes great on its own with a dash of hot sauce, tucked into breakfast sandwiches, or chopped up for topping noodles and stir-fries. Fuss-free, guilt-free and delicious.

Give it a try, we’re sure you’ll love it!

Join Us To Make An Ocean Positive Impact

In partnership with Seven Clean Seas, Good Food People will offset 0.15g of plastic with every purchase.

Seven Clean Seas will pull out plastic from the marine environment via community impact projects.

Recovered ocean plastic is sent for sorting, separating and classification in a Materials Sorting Facility.

A Plastic Credit Certificate will be issued to GFP as a result of the offset.

Featured Recipes


“GFP is a quality brand for a healthy, tasty and sustainable plant-based lifestyle. Not only are their products hormone-free, antibiotic-free and free from artificial flavours, GFP also sources locally wherever possible to help reduce their carbon footprint, be it for fresh groceries, pantry staples or plant-based meals.”

Epicure Asia

“Healthy eating made even easier, with a huge selection of plant-based essential ingredients available right at your fingertips!”


“The Good Food People offer great plant-based products that are rather hard to source in Singapore! It’s accessible to those who want to try-out plant-based food without compromising on the taste of their favourite meat-based dishes. For those who are already on a plant-based diet, the products provide exciting alternatives. Plus, it’s always inspiring to see how innovation is also doing good for the planet!”

Green is the New Black

“Plant-based diet and products are currently all the rage now, and Good Food People by SaladStop! is an superb one-stop shop to get a variety of plant-based sources, ready-to-heat meals and includes not only fruits and vegetables, but a whole lot of wholesome goodness with just a few clicks/tap of a button on Deliveroo.”


“With convenient plant-based, ready-to-heat meals and meat alternatives all under one roof, going flexitarian has never been easier with Good Food People.”

Lifestyle Asia

“I recently had the opportunity to try out some of GFP’s plant-based products and I absolutely enjoyed the food. It is such a great alternative to meat and it sure did make my plant-based journey a lot easier! My personal favourite will always be the JUST Egg – so convenient and easy! I can eat that everyday!”


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